Become an EDRS User

Become an EDRS User

If you would like to become an EDRS user, please review each of the steps below. Within each step, there are hyperlinks that you can click on, with either additional information, or forms to complete. Please review each section, and complete the applicable forms to become an EDRS user.

Step One: Register for MILogin

To access EDRS, you will need to register for a State of Michigan MILogin account. Step by step instructions on how to sign-up for the system are below:

MILogin Quick Reference

Step Two: Complete a Security Agreement

The Security Agreement is mandatory for all EDRS users. Fax completed security agreements to the State of Michigan Vital Records Unit at (517) 335-9513. You need a completed security agreement for every facility that you will be working at. For example, if you have two facilities that you are affiliated with, you need to complete two security agreements, one for each facility. Fill out the Security Agreement that fits your role. Note: Local Clerks need to request security agreements from the Vital Records Office directly.

Funeral Director/Staff

Medical Examiner/Staff

Medical Certifier/Staff

Step Three: Keep MILogin Profile Updated

The login process for EDRS requires Multifactor Authentication (MFA) using an email address, work phone number, or mobile number. Please make sure that the information that you enter when you create your MILogin profile is correct, and that you keep it updated if there are any changes.