Monthly Minute Videos

Monthly Minute Videos

Welcome to the Monthly Minute Videos section. Here you can find short videos to help you get the most out of EDRS and avoid common errors. Please check back monthly for new videos.


Accepting Referrals

Enter Location of Death

Record Filed in Wrong Jurisdiction

Filing Records with Pending Cause of Death – September 2020

Attach Documents – May 2020

Collecting Race and Ancestry Information – April 2020

Dropdowns – June 2020

Free Online Training – February 2020

No Saving Passwords – July 2020

Print Cremation Permit – March 2020

Reviewing Scanned Documents – January 2020

Submitting Correction Requests – August 2020


Residence Address on Death Certificate

CDR Child Death Review

When to Refer a Record to the Medical Examiner

Occupation and Industry

Improve Cause of Death Reporting

Verify SSN