The Michigan Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) is a Web-based application used to register deaths in the state of Michigan. The system was piloted in Washtenaw and Jackson counties in 2010, and is being implemented throughout the remainder of Michigan. The system allows funeral directors, physicians, medical examiners, nursing homes, and hospitals to submit death records electronically, 24-hours per day.

The primary purpose of an electronic death registration system is to enable the participants of death registration to file death records with local and state registrars electronically. EDRS provides for online access so that decedent fact-of-death and cause-of-death information can be registered electronically, by multiple death registration participants working on the same case. Michigan’s EDRS provides a method that will allow a death record to be medically certified either electronically, or by using an attestation process.

With an EDR system, the ability to report cause-of-death with increased accuracy and timeliness can be an integral part of patient care, and will also improve cause-of-death data for disease surveillance systems.

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